Terms and conditions


The fee for all hired goods and delivery fee (if applicable) is payable on or before delivery. You can make payment by cash or BACs. We cannot leave the hot tub until full payment has been received. If we do not receive payment, we will remove the hot tub and the deposit will not be refunded back to the hirer. The refundable deposit is only refunded back after the hire if no damage has been found.

Delivery & Collection

When we deliver your hot tub, we will need access to a tap, hose pipe and a plug socket. Delivery and collection times are pre-arranged before delivery of the hot tub, please let South East Hot Tubs know before delivery or collection if these times are no longer suitable. We will be as flexible as possible but as we pre-arrange our whole day, it may not be possible to move the times. On delivery, there will need to be someone available to sign a rental agreement and finish filling the hot tub. If the hirer stops South East Hot Tubs collecting all their goods, a £25 charge will be applicable for every 30 minutes.

During the hire

Our hot tub can take approx. 12 hours to heat depending on which hot tub you hire, this can vary depending on weather conditions etc. South East Hot Tubs will not be liable if the hot tub has not heated to full temperature within the time guides. These times are set by the manufacturer. No dyed material e.g. glow sticks or silly string, are permitted in the hot tub. Please do not attempt to move the hot tub at any time.


The hirer is responsible for the safe use of the hot tub during the hire period. Please supervise children at all times. Do not allow pets in the hot tub. Please check the water temperature before allowing anyone to enter the hot tub. As the hirer is responsible for the chemicals and water care during the hire, we recommend you refer to the instructions on the pack for more information. If you need further advice, please call us. South East Hot Tubs are insured with Public Liability insurance for up to £2 million pounds for added peace of mind. 


If any damage is found, the full deposit will not be refundable, and any additional costs for parts/repairs will need to be paid for in full by the hirer. Please report any damage to South East Hot Tubs as soon as possible.


Please report any faults with the equipment to South East Hot Tubs as soon as possible. If anything goes wrong with the hot tub, South East Hot Tubs will provide a replacement of the faulty items or provide a new hot tub, if available. This may not be the same hot tub as your hired. If the fault is not reported to South East Hot Tubs and we are not given the opportunity to correct the problem, no refund will be given. If any other hired goods have a fault, South East Hot Tubs will provide a replacement, if available.


 The deposit is only refundable on collection of the hot tub if no damage is found. If the booking is cancelled before delivery the deposit is non-refundable. South East Hot Tubs will only provide a refund for the hire fee if a replacement part is not available and no spare hot tub is available. This will be refunded by BACs within 7 days.


South East Hot Tubs will not take any responsibility for any injuries caused to any persons. As South East Hot Tubs are not present during the hire, the hirer is responsible for the hot tub and its users. Also, South East Hot Tubs will not be held liable for any damage caused to any property during the hire period. 

Inspection of the hot tub

We will inspect the hot tub on delivery with the hirer, so any damage caused previously is noted. This agreement will then be used if any damage caused during the hire period is disputed by the hirer. On collection of the hot tub, if any damage has been caused, it will be noted, and the hirer will be responsible for full payment. Videos will be taken before the hire commences in case of any disputes regarding damage.



We supply hot tub hire to customers across the South East including Kent, Essex, London, Surrey and Hertfordshire.


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