Hot tub rental

South East Hot Tubs have been hiring hot tubs for over 5 years now. And every year this is becoming more popular. From birthday parties to hotels & themed clubs nights, we have worked with a range of events. We ensure hot tub rental with us is a positive experience and we have lots of returning customers and positive reviews to reflect this. We provide excellent customer service and enjoy helping to make events more memorable!

A lot of our hires are for parties of all ages. More children want to feel ‘grown up’ and enjoy chilling in a hot tub with friends. And because our hot tub rentals are over a long weekend, the adults have time to do the same! This can also work out much better value for money when you compare the cost of hiring a hot tub to a venue with an entertainer.

We have also provided hot tub rental for several swimming events including the Swim Serpentine in London. This is a large swimming event and we have been there for the past two years. South East Hot Tubs have also provided hot tub rental to film sets including Finding Your Feet, Now You See Me 2 & Alice: Through the looking glass.

As you can see we have catered for all types of events. So if you are looking for a reputable hot tub rental company who can help make your event special, please get in touch. Visit our website for more information.