Gazebo heater
Gazebo heater
Gazebo heater

Gazebo Heater

Providing instant, clean, odour free infrared heat, this 240v mains powered gazebo heater is ideal when spot heating objects or persons is required. As the elements will only heat solid objects, rather than air, they are extremely efficient as 95% input energy is converted into heat output. Our Infrared Halogen heater is ideal for outdoor events where heat is needed to keep you and your guests warm under your pop up gazebo. The warm amber glow created by this radiant heater means that you can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine whatever the weather!
This easy to use gazebo heater is designed to clamp to the centre pole of any of our pop up gazebos, and will also fit large umbrellas and tent systems (with a stem diameter up to 60mm).


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