How does it all work?


First of all, we need to know access options to your garden, we can then advise you on which hot tub will be most suitable. If our solid hot tubs aren’t suitable, we have a portable hot tub option. Once you’ve decided which hot tub you’d like to hire, we just need your full address and contact details, and will take a £50 refundable deposit to secure the booking. On the day of delivery, we set the hot tub up for you. All you have to do is fill it up and switch it on and leave it to heat! We will contact you before the hire to arrange delivery and collection times.


How many people can I fit in the hot tub?

Our Muskoka (portable hot tub) fits 5-6 people inside, as they have no seats, we provide foam matting to ensure they are comfortable to sit in. Our Rio has seats for 6 people and our Antigua has seats for 8 people. You can visit our gallery for more photos. .


How much space do I need for a hot tub?


We need a 7ft x 7ft area on grass, patio or decking. Our Muskoka (portable hot tub) can only go on patio or decking. Our Rio & Antigua hot tubs can go on grass if no patio/decking area is available.


How do I get the hot tub through my front door?


As our Muskoka is a portable hot tub we can get everything through a standard door way width.


How do we fill and empty it?


The hot tub can be filled from any tap using a hose. We syphon the water out for you on collection. Most portable hot tubs have drain valves so the water can be drained away slowly.

What areas do you cover?


We cover Essex, Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire and London. If you send us your postcode we will be able to provide you with quotes.


How long does it take for the hot tub to heat up?


The hot tub will heat approximately 1 to 2 degrees per hour; which is why we recommend the hot tub is delivered approx. 24/48 hours before required depending on which hot tub you hire. Our Muskoka takes approx. 36 hours to heat whilst our Rio & Antigua hot tubs take approx. 12 hours to heat. These times are only a guide and can vary, depending on the weather.




How do I maintain the heat in the hot tub?


Place the cover on the hot tub and lock it in place. Note: Cover must be in place for the hot tub to heat properly.

How much water does it take to fill the hot tub?

Approx 800 litres.

Why does the water feel cooler after using the turbo jets?

The jets blow cold air through the water to create the bubbles and this cools the water down. We recommend using the turbo jets sparingly.

How do I control the temperature in the hot tub?

There is a digital thermostat attached to the hot tub. We will also show you how to use the motor on delivery of your hot tub and we also send out hot tub manuals.

Can I have the hot tub installed anywhere?

All hot tubs must be installed on a structurally sound, completely flat and level surface that is strong enough to support it when filled. Our Rio & Antigua hot tubs are suitable to go on grass.

Can I move the hot tub once it has been delivered?

Please do not try and move the hot tubs during the hire as this can cause injury to yourself or someone else. The Rio and Antigua hot tubs are very heavy. Moving the Muskoka (portable hot tub) will cause damage to the liner if not set up properly. If a hot tub gets damaged during the hire the hirer will be liable for the full cost.

Do I need to have a shower before getting in the hot tub?

Yes you do. This helps keep the water clean and means you have a better and healthier hot tub experience.

How big are the hot tubs?
Muskoka (portable hot tub)

Our Muskoka is 6ft x 6ft but we will need 7ft x 7ft of space for the motor.

Solid hot tubs

The Rio is approx 6ft x 6ft and our Antigua is approx 7ft x 7ft.


How hot can the hot tub get?


The water in a spa or hot tub should never exceed 40°C (104°F). Water temperatures between 37°C and 40°C are considered safe for a healthy adult. Lower water temperatures are recommended for extended use (exceeding 10 – 15 minutes) and for young children.
CAUTION: Before entering a spa or hot tub, the user should measure the water temperature with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of water temperature-regulating devices may vary as much as +/-3°C (5°F

How are the hot tubs kept clean?

We use chlorine to sanitise the water. The hot tub also has a filter system to drain any particles from the water to ensure it stays clean. Once we collect the hot tubs, they are deep cleaned before being hired out again.

So whether you’re planning a birthday party, a garden event or you simply want a romantic weekend at home with your loved one, call South East Hot Tubs for the perfect addition to your event.



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